Kelley Busby

Kelley is a certified Kripalu teacher, who has also studied and practiced Iyengar, Ashtanga and Anusara modalities and incorporates these teachings in her classes. She weaves these forms together to meet the specific needs of her students and combines flow with attention to breathe and alignment. She has been practicing for 18 years and teaching for 13 at health clubs, companies and privately. Kelley is always encouraging her students honor and work within their limitations, and she loves empowering each student to find balance and connect more deeply in body, mind and spirit.  Kelley is a certified Kripalu teacher, who has also studied and practiced Iyengar, Ashtanga and Anusara modalities and incorporates these teachings in her classes. 


Oshana Biondi

OSHANA BIONDI shares from her 25 years of experience as a holistic physical therapist, trained in Pilates, Qi Gong, Feldenkrais, Halprin Somatic Expressive Arts, Movement Ritual, clinical nutrition and energy studies.

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Fiona O'Neill

Originally from New York, Fiona discovered yoga after a decade of rigorous dance training. She fell in love with the spiritual and physical practice, leading her to complete a 200 hour teacher training program at YogaWorks in New York City. Since moving to California, she has completed 300 more hours of professional teacher training under the guidance of senior teachers in the Bay Area. Fiona teaches a strong, alignment based vinyasa flow class. She encourages her students to delve deeper into their yoga both on and off the mat, and to work towards discovering a practice that can bring clarity and meaning to their lives. When she is not practicing yoga, she enjoys traveling and writing about the beauty of yoga in the everyday.


Robert Marlowe

Ashtanga is a form of hatha yoga which focuses on asana (posture) and pranayama (breath control.) It is a 5000 year old practice which was updated in the 90's by Larry Schultz's Rocket series that he created for the Grateful Dead and is the mother of power yoga.

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Merrisa Dolin

Merrisa Dolin is a San Francisco Bay Area yoga teacher and BarWorks® certified fitness instructor. She is known for her upbeat playlists and skillful sequences. Merrisa's study of yoga began in 2008 when she took a semester of yoga in college. It was during this course that Merrisa fell in love with the physical postures of yoga (the asanas) and enjoyed how strong the poses made her feel. 

She completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2012 at The Yoga Centre in San Luis Obispo. It was during this training that she became fascinated with the subtle body aspects of yoga. Realizing that there was so much more to yoga than the physical postures, she started diving deeper into the study of yoga philosophy.  As a fitness enthusiast, Merrisa has always enjoyed taking dance classes and working out. She believes it's important to balance the body and mind by combining fun workouts with a mindful yoga practice. In 2015 she studied BarWorks® with master trainer Jocelyn Kay Levy. Merrisa has been teaching Barre-style classes ever since and enjoys the creative freedom this style of fitness allows her to bring to her students.  

In 2016 She completed her second 200-hour teacher training with YogaWorks, where she studied with master teachers Nikki Estrada and Hillary Skibell. Merrisa is currently pursuing her 500-hour Advanced Yoga certification under the guidance of YogaWorks and master teacher Michele Klink. 

Jen Fuller

Jen has a BS in Physiology and human mechanics. Hampshire College and the University of Maine, Orono
She is also a certified muscular therapist through the Muscular Therapy Institute Cambridge, MA and an Egoscue alignment specialist since 2002. And she is a competitive athlete elite level SUP paddler and Olympic team competitor in Windsurfing (1989 to 1992).


Shana Morrison

Shana Morrison is a certified Pilates Method Instructor, Personal Trainer, and apprentice GYROKINESIS® Trainer. After 30 years training in ballet and gymnastics, Shana began practicing Pilates in 2000 when a knee injury from dance led her to study new methods of strengthening and centering.

Surprised and impressed with the results of her practice, Shana pursued teaching Pilates and became certified in the classical Pilates Method at the Ellie Herman Studios (author, Pilates for Dummies) in 2004. Since then she has taught private apparatus sessions and mat classes in Marin County, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. To expand upon her education in body movement and functionality Shana completed certification as a Personal Trainer in 2011 and became a certified apprentice in the GYROKINESIS® method in 2017. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of the classical Pilates and GYROKINESIS® methods with students of all levels of ability, raw beginner to seasoned pro, and encourages these skills in all movement pursuits.

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